Lynne has a talent for helping you cut through the “red tape” in your mind - the clutter - to what’s really going on. I have never experienced anything like coaching with her - I feel so thankful that our paths crossed in life. One of my favorite things about our sessions is the way she asks questions - 20 minutes later I will have discovered something new that I then think about for days, sometimes weeks. It’s like a journey of discovery and she is the best guide. I only wish I’d gotten coaching from her earlier. I now live in a freer way than I ever have. She is amazing!!
— Business Owner, Optimizing Relationships LLC

I consulted Lynne during April 2014 because I was struggling with chronic overwork combined with a number of unhelpful coping strategies. During the course of just one meeting, Lynne helped me to re-perceive this situation and gave me practical strategies and exercises for interrupting and replacing negative patterns of thought and behavior with healthy ones. I have been putting these increasingly into practice to good effect. I found Lynne to be wonderfully insightful, refreshingly down-to-earth and skilled at swiftly identifying workable ways forward.
— Professor

I’ve been privileged to get to work with Lynne and experience her amazing talent, including her intuitive abilities! She has a gift and a wonderful demeanor for this work. She has been so valuable through the challenges and changes I wanted to get through more effectively.

She has a tremendous ability to help me feel better about myself and the situation I am dealing with so I can approach it more successfully. She listens, really hears me, understands, and is able to reflect things I may not have realized or thought of, in a compassionate, insightful, and faith lending way. She has really helped me to calm down and find myself and not feel so lost or alone in the midst of difficult times.

When I talk with Lynne, whatever I’m going through seems less dramatic. I have learned new skills, insights, and ways of dealing with things from her. She sincerely believes in me, which goes a long way when struggling with something. She has been instrumental in helping me grow and get to a better place.
— Licensed Massage Professional, Holistic Health Practitioner

Lynne’s approach is so respectful, relational and engaging — I’ve often found myself in the midst of deep personal reflection and discovery without even realizing I’d begun the process. The specific questions and exercises she selects (tailored for each occasion) have helped me ask the questions and find the answers that have been bubbling within my soul for ages.

Lynne is a gifted life coach able to:

>> intuit the path needed to find your true self;
>> accompany you along the journey without being a hindrance or intrusion
>> encourage and release you to become all that you are

If your goal is a life of enlivened being, personal abundance and fullness, then Lynne should be the first check-point on your journey of self discovery. Lynne is a living testament to the value of life coaching.
— Director of Non-Profit